Kharn's Betrayers

Race:  Khorne
Coach:  Pauladin

*disclaimer:does not matter whose blood, as long as there is blood.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Sep. 9th, 2020
After the proper offerings to the Blood God Khorne, he in his gory greatness allowed us to play the ball and tie the game up. A game that tremendous for us did not deserve to be labeled as a defeat, was his godly decree. The bloodthirster, the Right Hand of Khorne’s champion, Kharn the Betrayer, took an action on every one of our 16 turns, hitting someone every turn. This legendary a feat could not go unrewarded. Khorne has granted the Right Hand a new skill. Now it is up to Kharn to decide whether or not it should train to use its massive strength to break through opponents feeble flailing arms(Break Tackle) or to use its greatness to assist its teammates in honoring the great Blood God(by hurting the opponents, of course). The only disappointment Khorne had this game was that there were only 40 blocks thrown, but taken in light of the fact that there were 4 opposing players remaining at the end of the game, this still appeased His Goriness. The bloodthirster accounted for around half of the total blocks thrown.
- Pauladin
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Season 3
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